New video describes Diabetes Prevention Program

For OPERS participants in the Pre-Medicare Medical Mutual Plan 

By Heather Drago, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Sept. 8, 2017 — Medical Mutual offers a variety of wellness and clinical programs, one of which is the Diabetes Prevention Program or DPP. The DPP is a proven, yearlong program that focuses on healthy eating and physical activity and is offered through local YMCA’s. We have created a testimonial video below designed to help eligible participants learn more about what this program and others can do for you.

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  • I have had Type II Diabetes for several years. If a Diabetes Prevention Program or DPP had been offered years ago, perhaps it could have prevented me from getting diabetes. I hope that the younger members of OPERS take serious notice of this wonderful program and participate.

  • I am currently in the DPP and I am learning so much. It’s teaching how eating and exercise work to helping prevent diabetes. I’m In week 9 and seeing progress on weight loss and feeling better

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