Election results are in

Three new Board terms to begin in January; one seat remains to be filled

By Michael Pramik, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Oct. 20, 2017 — The 2017 OPERS Board of Trustees election is complete, with two candidates winning elections and another claiming an uncontested seat on the 11-member panel.

Julie Albers will replace Sean Loftus, who did not run, as a representative for county employees. Albers received 57 percent of the vote in a contested three member election. John Maurer will retain his seat, representing retirees, winning 53 percent of the vote against two other retirees running for the seat. Incumbent miscellaneous employee representative Cinthia Sledz ran unopposed for her seat and will join Albers and Maurer in serving four-year terms beginning Jan. 1.

There remains one position on the Board to be filled. Current trustees will select the representative for non-teaching college/university employees, with the recent departure of Charles Latsa from the Board. Candidates are required to apply by Nov. 1 and will serve on the Board through Dec. 31, 2018.

OPERS does not endorse any candidates or their positions.

Michael Pramik

Michael Pramik is communication strategist for the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and editor of the PERSpective blog. As an experienced business journalist, he clarifies complex pension policies and helps members make smart choices to secure their retirement.

Michael Pramik

Communication Strategist

  • Good luck to all of the nominees on the Board of Trustees for OPERS. I wish you an awesome term and Thank You All For What You Are Doing For Us as Retirees/Future Retirees. Have a Nice Day!.

  • Upon what period of time is the CPI applied to determine COLA for individual retirees? Is it the 12 months prior to anniversary date? Is it the month before anniversary date? Is it January to December the year before anniverary date?

    • When we begin using CPI, we will determine the COLA increase percentage as the “June over June” increase in CPI-W.

      Julie, OPERS

  • Please post exactly how each trustee voted on the COLA adjustment, in othet words which trustee did not show up to vote? We have the right to know.

    • The proposal passed 7-2. Mr. Maurer and Mr. Toth voted against. Mr. Blair, Mr. Mabe, Mr. Mollmann, Mr. Smith, Ms. Sledz, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Tilling voted for the proposal. Mr. Loftus was absent.

    • I ask for a run down of specifically which trustees voted and how each trustee voted. There is one vacant seat so which trustee was absent and why? This information is abaialable to a retiree/member like myself , correct?Thank you advance for the anticipated informaion request

      • The proposal passed 7-2.
        Voting against: Mr. Maurer and Mr. Toth
        Voting for: Mr. Blair, Mr. Mabe, Mr. Mollmann, Mr. Smith, Ms. Sledz, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Tilling
        Absent: Mr. Loftus

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