New Medicare IDs on the way

Beware of scams as identification cards are issued

By Heather Drago, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

April 10, 2018 — Medicare recently announced it will issue new identification cards over the next 12 months, beginning in select states this month. The new cards will feature a unique Medicare number that replaces the Social Security number and will be used to verify personal information.

Scammers are using this opportunity to gain access to personal information. Help prevent fraudulent attempts by staying mindful of these tips:

  1. Medicare will automatically mail you your new card. They will not contact you ahead of time asking for money to mail it.
  2. Medicare will not call you to ask for your banking information. If this happens, hang up.
  3. If someone calls requesting your personal information such as name, address, Social Security number or new Medicare number, hang up. Medicare already has this information and will not ask you for it.
  4. After your new Medicare card arrives, shred or cut up your old one.

If you suspect fraud, report it to the Federal Trade Commission, AARP’s fraud help line (877-908-3360) or your local Senior Medicare Patrol program.

According to Kaiser Health News, Ohio will be one of the last states to issue new cards. For the full state-by-state mailing schedule, visit

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