Donna Castiglione

Assistant Director of Member Services

  • I live outside the USA, but maintain a bank account in Ohio.

    I have been trying to get an answer for three years as to why my PERS benefits cannot be direct deposited in that account.

    The first answer I received was that it is Ohio law, per ORC Chapter 145. It is not.

    The second answer I received was that the PERS financial system is not ACH-compliant. That makes no sense. Making a direct deposit should not depend on the mailing address of the payee.

    It costs PERS postage, envelopes and labor to mail every check and I suspect making a direct deposit would be less expensive. In addition, snail mail, including paper checks, can and does get misplaced, which costs additional labor and postage to replace it.

    I encourage you to enter the 21st century and to change this irrational policy.

    Thank you for “listening”.

    • I agree Eric. It’s unbelievable that still in 2021 (I see you wrote this in 2019) that OPERS can’t direct deposit directly into a foreign bank account. I get my Social Security payment wired directly to my foreign account and it’s converted by them into euros so I neither pay conversion fees from my foreign bank or any other fees. With a check I lose because of local bank check deposit charges and conversion fees into euros. In addition is the issue of checks being lost in transit. If SSA does this why can’t OPERS do the same? This is penalizing all expatriates. If OPERS is really concerned about members, as they should be, especially during the pandemic when every penny counts, they should have fixed this a long time ago.

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