Donna Castiglione

Assistant Director of Member Services

  • I live outside the USA, but maintain a bank account in Ohio.

    I have been trying to get an answer for three years as to why my PERS benefits cannot be direct deposited in that account.

    The first answer I received was that it is Ohio law, per ORC Chapter 145. It is not.

    The second answer I received was that the PERS financial system is not ACH-compliant. That makes no sense. Making a direct deposit should not depend on the mailing address of the payee.

    It costs PERS postage, envelopes and labor to mail every check and I suspect making a direct deposit would be less expensive. In addition, snail mail, including paper checks, can and does get misplaced, which costs additional labor and postage to replace it.

    I encourage you to enter the 21st century and to change this irrational policy.

    Thank you for “listening”.

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