Members rely on OPERS’ dental, vision coverage

Know the facts before enrolling in a second plan mid-year

By Michael Pramik, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Aug. 28, 2020 – OPERS members, including actives and retirees, might occasionally receive offers for dental and vision coverage from sources other than us.

For instance, the retiree member group PERI, in coordination with Association Member Benefits Advisors, recently offered its membership the opportunity to enroll in a dental and vision plan not associated with OPERS. The enrollment materials indicated a start date of Oct. 1.

If you currently are enrolled in a dental or vision plan through OPERS, your enrollment will continue through the end of 2020. Before making any changes contact your plan administrator to see if additional or substitute coverage will be in your best interest. In most cases there is no advantage to enrolling in, and paying for, multiple dental and/or vision plans.

OPERS believes it’s important to offer dental and vision coverage that meets our retirees’ needs, both clinically and financially. The optional plans we’ve chosen feature comprehensive coverage that exceeds that of the average plan in today’s market, and we conveniently deduct the premiums from your pension benefit.

The OPERS plans provide an extensive network of providers and excellent customer service from both MetLife (dental) and Aetna (vision). In addition, premiums for 2021 will be slightly lower than this year due to the suspension of the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Tax. Your next opportunity to make a change to your OPERS dental or vision plan will be during open enrollment this fall. Any change you make will be effective Jan. 1, 2021.

The 2021 rates will be in place through the entire 2021 calendar year. The OPERS dental and vision plans have served our retirees and their families well for the past 40 years. This chart provides a direct comparison among OPERS plan options and the plans being offered by PERI and AMBA. We encourage you to be aware of your current dental and vision coverage, including premiums and provider network, to make sure you have a plan that meets your needs.

Michael Pramik

Michael Pramik is communication strategist for the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and editor of the PERSpective blog. As an experienced business journalist, he clarifies complex pension policies and helps members make smart choices to secure their retirement.

Michael Pramik

Communication Strategist

  • I am so glad that I am retired from The Great State of Ohio. Keep up the good work. Thanks to Michael Pramik

  • If OPERS cares so much about us retirees, then why is it that we are not able to get
    the life insurance policy that workers get? We are older now and need life insurance more so now than ever before.

    • Nancy,

      Retirees are able to access the life insurance offered by Colonial. It could be cost-prohibitive, however, because the older you are, the higher the rate. Please call Colonial at 844-341-8803 for more information. Open enrollment continues through Sept. 30.

      Julie, OPERS

  • I have vision and dental coverage with OPERS and am very pleased with the service I have received. No need to look any further. So glad OPERS still offers this coverage as it is important to keep your vision and dental health up to date.

  • I just recently shredded the second offer to join the packages offered by PERI. Looking at the attached comparison chart reminds me why I shredded both AMBA offers. It certainly appears that the AMBA plans cost more and are less beneficial. Over the years, I’ve received several comments from my dental and vision providers saying how great the OPERS plans coverage benefit me.

  • Thanks for clarifying info on dental /vision insurance and comparison vs the PERI/AMBA plan we recently received in mail.. My opinion is that coverage OPERS offers is good deal and I appreciate that you offer it to retirees.

  • Thank you. I get their (PERI) advertisements all the time! I recently wrote them to take me off their distribution list.

  • I did receive an invitation to Peri’s Retiree dental and vision plan. I wasn’t sure what to do with it.
    Thank you so much for clarifying this and offering a comparison screen. I now know that I already have a good plan (OPERS) Thank you!

    • Sheilah,

      Dental and vision coverage is not going away. Anyone receiving a pension benefit qualifies for OPERS dental and vision coverage, even if you do not qualify for medical or prescription drug coverage. That will not change when the health care changes are implemented on Jan. 1, 2022.

      Julie, OPERS

  • When will opers get smart and offer health care plans for over seas retirees. It would save them a lot. And give members who would like to retire overseas. The same benefits they would have in the USA. But at a huge savings for opers. Calpers pays for their members over seas health insurance policies.

  • I am a recent OPERS retiree. I have been receiving mails from PERI, soliciting for me to join its organization. How did PERI get my information? Anyway, I have been trashing their mails like any other unsolicited and junk mails I receive from time to time. Retirees should know that OPERS offers retirees better benefits than PERI or any other organization claims. Many of these organizations just want your membership fees for things you get free and for better benefits from OPERS.

    • If you are enrolled in the dental coverage provided to OPERS recipients through MetLife please contact 1-888-262-4874.

  • I’d like list of dentists in the dental network in or near Lakewood Ohio.
    Where could I find that information?
    Judith Riley

    • The cancellation of dental and vision can be requested during open enrollment 10/15/2020-12/7/2020 with the changes effective 1/1/2021. The request can be submitted through the online account message center, by contacting our Member Services Department at 800-222-7377, or by completing the Open Enrollment Change form that is provided in the Open Enrollment packet.

  • I have been on the phone for over two hours trying to change my dental coverage. I need to know the cost for the high option Dental plan and the low option. I am looking at changing from low to high.

    • Marianne,
      If you received a health care open enrollment statement you can access the statement through the online account document history. The statement will provide the cost of the high and low premiums. Please forward your questions through the online account message center there we will be able to view the account information and provide the premium amounts and assistance with making the changes. Thanks M.S

  • I am looking for a list of in network dentists in the Mayfield Heights, Chesterland, Highland Heights, Mayfield Village, Ohio areas

    • Dolores,
      If you are enrolled in OPERS MetLife dental plan please contact MetLife at 1-888-262-4874.
      Thanks, MS

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