Daily webinars offer helpful member info

Budgeting, preparing for retirement, health care among topics

By Marc Tubbs, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Nov. 12, 2020 – As we continue to navigate the never-before-seen circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, OPERS is maintaining our high standard of service while many of our employees continue working in a remote environment.

Because the OPERS building remains closed to visitors, we’ve greatly expanded our ability to help and educate members in an online environment. For instance, OPERS member service representatives are responding to calls and emails in a timeframe typical for this time of year. We also offer one-on-one counseling via Zoom – call us at 800-222-7377 to set up an appointment.

Plus, we’ve expanded our online offerings this year in response to the decrease in live education events. We encourage members and retirees to take advantage of the following resources:

Webinars – For the safety of our membership and in accordance with current recommendations for gatherings in Ohio, we’ve postponed all in-person education sessions through the end of the year. However, we’ve increased the number of live webinars we offer for members at all stages of their careers. You can attend a webinar using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Visit the Member Education Center at opers.org to register for any of the following member-targeted webinars, which will take place at noon on the designated days. (Additional webinars may be offered at other times.)

We’ve also got several webinars for retirees, including the following:

Recorded presentations – You can view online recorded presentations on all our webinar topics at your own convenience.

A complete list of recorded presentations, and many more resources for all OPERS members and retirees, are available within the Member Education Center.

Marc Tubbs

Marc Tubbs is the manager of OPERS’ Education division. He oversees the development and delivery of educational content that helps members and retirees make sound financial-wellness and retirement-related decisions.

Marc Tubbs

Manager - Education

    • Barbara,

      We’re not sure what specific information you’re looking for, but our website, http://www.opers.org, contains a wealth of information on every aspect of the pension fund. For questions about your account, send us a secure message through your online account, or give us a call at 800-222-7377.

      • I am interested in any health care changes for those of us over 65, especially if they are major ones. Thank you

    • Steve,

      When it was introduced in October 2019, the proposed cost-of-living freeze for 2022 and 2023 was projected to reduce OPERS’ unfunded liability of $24 billion by $3.44 billion.

        • Steve,

          We’re not proposing to erase a $24 billion unfunded liability. However, the $24 billion liability was an all-time high for OPERS, and we needed to take steps to reduce it. The proposal came several years after the Ohio General Assembly passed a bill that required active members to pay more for their retirement and work longer before they could retire.

          The COLA freeze proposal also includes delaying future COLAs to two years after retirement (for those not yet retired), and restoring a level of purchasing power to some retirees who receive lower pensions.

  • I am totally confused on my HRA account Have asked for less than my 335 amount for 11 months in 2020 and my reimbursement has varied sometimes more than 335 other times less . I have called VIA Benefits and have received confusing answers help

    • Please send your questions through the online message center or contact us by phone at 800-222-7377 so we can review your account and try and help assist you with your questions. Thanks M.S

  • Shout out to any who chose the Combined Plan. I learned today that the cost to transfer the service credit to the Traditional plan was three times the estimate I received last year. I was told the formula changed and that it generally changes every year. Needless to state, there’s no way for me to switch plans as it doesn’t make sense financially. The amount I’m being asked to pay far exceeds the amount to cover just my payments in retirement.

  • My First Using Zoom. I have a scheduled zoom call with OPERS. Do I Contact OPERS or Does OPERS Contact Me?

    • Pam,
      If you are scheduled for a zoom appointment with an OPERS counselor approx. 24 hours prior to your appointment you will receive an email with a link to your zoom appointment .
      Thanks MS

  • How does the pension monthly pay get paid? Meaning, the pay on say May 1st. Is that for May or is it for April? I have searched the website and cannot find the answer. It is beneficial to know if I will need a months pay to cover the first month of retirement if the pay is a month behind meaning May 1st is for the month of April.

    • Scott,
      All monthly benefits are issued on the first of the month unless the first is a weekend or holiday then they are issued the last business day of the pervious month. For example if you receive a benefit on May 1 that payment is for May if May first was on a Saturday then you would receive the payment on April 30th.
      Thanks MS

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