Michael Pramik

Communication Strategist

  • I was wondering what percentage of retirees have an established online account with OPERS? I speak to fellow retirees and they often are not aware how to set up an account/do not have an account
    on the OPERS website.

    • Gina,

      A little less than two-thirds of our members have online accounts. It’s pretty easy to set up — members just have to click on “Account Login” on the home page, opt for “Need an Account?” and then follow the instructions.

  • Michael,

    Is there an existing feature that enables members who receive pensions, annuities, or QEBA “wages” to see their calendar year-to-date proceeds and related tax withholding information?

    If not, would OPERS please consider adding such a function?


    • Mitch,
      In the member online account we offer an income verification history that you can create for all of your earnings history or for a specified time period. The income verification history can be created by going to the Homepage then go to the panel for Requestable Documents and then select the Income Verification History letter and once you enter the date range the letter will be created and pop up for you to print or save to your devise. Thanks MS

    • Iawana,
      You can request reimbursement forms for the Medicare Connector through Via Benefits at 1-844-287-9945.
      Thanks MS

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